All-in-one tenant management platform.

Give your property manager a tool that simplifies all daily tasks. Use less time per tenant and still give them a fantastic service experience! That’s a win 🏆

A tool for the caretaker that has everything.

The caretaker and administrator app is designed to enable facility operations for daily tasks and tenant communication on the go. Simple yet powerfull. The app gives access to all basic tenant information – anytime and anywhere.

The caretaker and administrator app is an indispensable tool for those who use external resources for the administration of your properties. The app helps visualise how efficiently cases are processed, so you can be sure that the quality and service remains top notch.

Gain insight into important data about your tenants and properties.

Efficient handling of
tenant inquiries


Tenant directs inquiry through the tenant app and a ticket is created in the system.


The ticket is automatically prioritised, categorised and assigned to the right employee.


The ticket can now be handled efficiently and the tenant can follow along step-by-step.

You get all this with hococo.

Ticket system

We systematize all tenant inquiries so that they are assigned to the right employee. Prioritised, categorised and ready to be handled.

Booking of facilities

If you offer shared facilities, we have a smart booking system that your tenants can access directly from the hococo tenant app.

Digital signatures

Allow your tenants to sign important documents when it suits them. With a digital signature, they can sign the lease directly in the app.

Secure file management

Send and store documents with a few clicks. Whether it’s the lease or the move-in report, we collect all documents and files in one safe place.

Notifications system

Send broadcasts to all your tenants at once. If they don’t have the tenant app, they will receive the broadcast by email or text message. Smart.

Property administration

Our platform provides a comprehensive overview of all history between tenant and administrator, including tenant inquiries, messages, notes, etc.

Plus much more 🚀

Integrations? No problem.

Hococo is a cloud-based platform built on a REST-API that enables integrations with other systems.

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