Eliminating tenant communication issues.

Hococo is a simple and intuitive tenant support & experience platform that ensures great tenant commmunication with state of the art digital solutions.

We resolve communcation pains – How?

We take a proactive approach to property management. Our tenant app ensures that problems do not arise in the first place. And if they do, we provide a platform that makes resolving of inquiries easy, quick and efficient.

Seamless communication is key to excellent support.

Hococo empowers both tenants and administrators with a platform that ensures a seamless and consistent communication flow between all parties.

We enable your company to provide great service and thereby gain high trust from your tenants from move-in to move-out. Sounds good, right?

Product features

Everything you need to help yourself and your tenants.

We provide your tenants with a great set of app features that will make both their day-2-day lives more convenient and not to forget also make your work more efficient as well.

Ticket system

Email is an outdated tool in terms of handling large quantities of tenant inquiries. Hococo provides a ticket support system that handles all tenant inquires with ease. Our platform will automatically categorize, prioritise and deliver all inquiries to the right person in the company. No more redundancy. No more headaches.

Notification system

Make sure that all your tenants are up-to-date with all important service announcements and news.
With hococo you can easily send out mobile push notifications to all your residents with a single click. Residents will instantly know that you are on top of this. No more emails, no more missed information.


Let your tenants know when they have a service appointment. By using our calendar system you can easily invite tenants to events or send them an service appointment invitation. The hococo calendar will synchronise with your tenants smartphone ensuring that they won’t miss the date.

Document handling

Important documents need organised and secure handling. No problem, we got your back. Hococo stores all important tenant documents in one secure place. They can access these easily from the tenant app at all times.

Digital Signature

Onboarding of new tenants can be a dragging and analog experience. Onboarding with hococo is digital – all the way. We enable your new tenants to sign important documents digitally and with ease. We take personal data seriously and our service is 100% GDPR compliant.

Message system

Who and when is often the question when a tenant wants to get in touch with their landlord. Hococo makes sure that your tenants always knows who to contact when in need. We don’t like redundant communication. Nobody does.

IOS & Android

Digital solutions for a digital time age.

Interested in how our smartphone App and desktop application works and looks? We would be more than happy to give you a virtual product tour. Please contact us for scheduling a demo.

Integrations? No problem.

Hococo is built upon a REST-API. We can make complex integrations that suits your company’s technology setup. Accounting systems, mail systems and much more.

Are you ready to work more efficient and give your tenants great service?

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