Help to self-help.
That is great service.

With hococo’s tenant app, your tenants have access to everything from housing data to booking shared facilities in one app. That makes it easy and manageable for your tenants to rent from you 📱

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Tenant administration
that’s open 24/7

Ticket system

The hococo Home Assistant is a digital helper for your tenants, so they, among other things, can help themselves and thereby get “service on the spot”.

Booking of facilities

No more shared Excel-files or double bookings. Your tenants can book shared facilities directly and in real time from their smartphone.

Tenant folder

Hococo stores all important documents and files for the tenant directly in the app. Thereby, the tenant can always access their files or documents.

Notifications system

All important information is sent directly in the app so that your tenants are always up to date.

Property data

Tenants will always have the ability to view all data regarding their leases directly in the app. That includes rent, floor plan, energy label, etc.

Message system

Easy and centralised communication between tenant and administrator – all in one platform. Make it easy for your tenant to find the right contact person.

Plus much more 🚀

Love your tenants and they will love you back. That is good business.


A branded rental experience.

We believe in holistic experiences, and therefore offer white-label solutions for your projects. Your tenants should be able to feel the value of living in your particular community.

Why choose hococo?

Streamline your operations

Save time and money with an automatic communication processor.

Reduce vacancy

Hococo can help reduce vacancy by use of our automated flows for moving tenants in and out of your property.

Transparent & easy communication

Good service and transparent communication is a great investment.

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